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Dental Implants for Rebuilding Smiles After Tooth Loss in Scarborough, ON

Image of senior woman relaxing at homeWhen missing teeth keep you from chewing, speaking, and smiling comfortably, Dr. Vincent Lo, Dr. Vincent Lo, Dr. Carrie Chen and their team at Milner Dental Care are here to help! Whether you need one tooth replaced or many, our general dentist can help rebuild your smile with dental implants. We provide comprehensive treatment, including implant placement, supported restorations, and other related services. Our dentists can also perform preliminary procedures such as bone grafting as part of your custom treatment plan.

By combining trusted technologies and careful planning, we can help protect your smile’s health, function, and beauty. We enjoy serving individuals who need teeth replaced throughout Scarborough and the Metropolitan Toronto communities. Contact the Milner Dental Care team to schedule your implants consultation today!


What Are Dental Implants?

Image of dental implant illustrationDental implants are specially-designed posts, often consisting of body-safe titanium. Their purpose is to permanently replace missing tooth roots. Implants typically consist of three parts:

  1. The Implant Post
  2. The Abutment
  3. The Restoration

The implant post is surgically placed into the jaw by our dentist. The abutment is attached to the top of the post, resting just above the gum line. This piece connects the implant to the restoration. The final part of your dental implant is the restoration. This dental prosthetic can include one or more artificial teeth designed to look and feel completely natural.

How Do They Work?

When placed, the titanium dental implant post fuses with living tissue and bone, making it a permanent part of your jaw. This bonding process is known as osseointegration. It is this fusing that helps your implants create a secure foundation for your new restoration.

Who Qualifies for Dental Implants?

Image of group of friends forming a circle outdoorsAdults and seniors in good oral and general health can make great candidates for implants. For treatment to be more successful, the jawbone must be full and healthy enough to hold the implant posts. This is because treatment requires implants to fuse properly with the bone to create a secure base. Your gums must also be in good condition, free of inflammation and infection.

Whether advanced gum disease, trauma, genetics factors, or prolonged tooth loss have weakened your jawbone, our dentists can help! Our general dentists can perform a bone graft procedure to increase your chances of successful implant treatment.

What Is a Bone Graft & How Can It Help My Chances?

A bone graft may be needed when your jawbone needs additional strength. Bone grafting involves taking bone material from another area of your body or an artificial source and surgically adding it to your jaw to boost health and volume. The material fuses with the jaw, creating more space and mass for your implants to be placed.

What Can I Expect from Implant Placement?

Implant placement often requires multifaceted treatment. This can include detailed consultations, thorough exams, careful planning, and possibly performing a bone graft before your implants are placed. We work closely with you to create a strategy based on your unique case.

The Milner Dental Care dental team use surgical guides during implant placement surgery. These advanced tools display the right amount of force and positioning for inserting your implants, ensuring precision and promoting success. Depending on your needs, sedation is available.

Osseointegration and healing can take up to six months or longer. Once healed, we invite you back to our Scarborough dental office to place your implant-supported restoration.

Completing Your Smile with Implant Restorations

Image of  smiling man in city backgroundOur general dentist and his team provide a wide range of implant-supported restorations. When attached to dental implants, these prosthetics can restore one to all missing teeth in your smile. The type chosen depends on how many teeth need replacing.

Our available restorations include:

  • Crowns to replace a single missing with one dental implant.
  • Bridges to restore several teeth in a row with two implant posts.
  • Partial dentures to replace multiple missing teeth throughout the smile.
  • Complete dentures to restore all teeth lost in the upper or lower jaws, or both.

We also offer the All-on-4® implant method for dentures. We can provide you with a full smile in the upper or lower jaw using four dental implants with this system.

The Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

Image of mature woman and her adult daughterEach tooth in your smile plays a vital role. From helping you chew and digest food properly, speaking clearly, and smiling confidently, teeth are essential for your overall health and general well-being. The loss of even one tooth can impact your daily life just as much as your dental beauty, health, and function.

When you replace missing teeth with dental implants, you also restore the roots. Tooth roots provide the essential stimulation your jawbone needs to remain full, functional, and healthy. This restoration also helps restore biting and chewing capabilities, providing improved digestion and nutrition.

Replacing missing teeth can also help stop the damaging repercussions of prolonged tooth loss, such as shifting teeth, jawbone weakening, and facial sagging. Perhaps some of the most significant benefits to replacing lost teeth include restoring your self-confidence along with your smile’s beauty.

Here to Help Restore Your Smile Today!

Dr. Vincent Lo, Dr. Carrie Chen and their team provide comprehensive ways to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Providing implant placement, restoration, and related services can help you receive the care you need.

Our general dentistry team is committed to helping you improve your oral and overall health for life.

We happily provide dental implant treatment across Scarborough, ON, and the Metropolitan Toronto communities. Contact Milner Dental Care to schedule a consultation today!


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