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Expert Scarborough Sedation Dentistry for All Ages

woman in dental office with eyes closedDo you experience dental anxiety? It is not uncommon to be fearful and anxious about visiting a dentist. At Milner Dental Care, we are experts at sedation dentistry and ready to help you relax during your treatment. We use state-of-the-art techniques to lessen discomfort during dental work so you can have a comfortable and positive experience.

Since 2000, our team has provided gentle general dentistry to Scarborough and Toronto families. An anesthesiologist works in our office to provide professional care during complex cases and for those with special needs of all ages. We listen to you and your child to identify concerns, discuss solutions, and help you make an informed decision before we proceed. Let us help make your next visit more pleasant. Call us to schedule your appointment with Dr. Vincent Lo today!


Benefits of Sedation

Sedation dentistry is incorrectly thought to induce sleep, but many sedatives allow you to stay awake throughout the procedure. Sedation works to calm anxiety throughout your dental visit so you can enjoy a better experience. Our Scarborough dental sedation methods reduce discomfort or pain, which allows you to be relaxed and comfortable during your treatment. When you are relaxed, it also lets us address various dental needs in a single visit. Other benefits of sedation include:

  • Few side-effects
  • Reduces gag reflex
  • No needles
  • Safe when provided by a trained professional
  • Fewer appointments

Methods of Sedation

Based on your specific condition and the type of dental work needed, Dr. Lo will discuss your sedation options. Before administering any sedative, we will analyze your medical history and take note of any current medications. We offer various Scarborough dental sedation options, including:

  1. Nitrous Oxide: Also known as laughing gas, this sedation option is administered through a gas mask positioned over your nose, so no needles are necessary. As you breathe, the sedative enters your body, allowing you to remain relaxed throughout the procedure. Most patients describe a warm, weightless, and peaceful sensation. With nitrous oxide, you’re conscious enough to respond to our team. It wears off fast and doesn’t leave you feeling groggy, so you can drive home after treatment.
  2. Oral Conscious Sedation: This sedation option is available in pill or liquid form and helps keep you calm by dulling your senses without putting you to sleep. You’ll be conscious during your procedure so you can give our team feedback on your comfort levels. The sedation doesn’t last long, but you may feel drowsy after treatment. You’ll need to have someone with you to drive you home.
  3. IV Sedation and General Anesthesia: If you’re prone to severe dental anxiety, this sedation option is ideal. We administer the sedative intravenously, meaning the effects are almost instantaneous. IV sedation allows us to adjust the dosage safely during the procedure. You’ll sleep through your treatment and will likely have no memory of it. Since IV sedation is the most potent option, you’ll feel tired for a few hours after the procedure. We recommend having a family member or trusted friend accompany you to your appointment so they can stay with you until you regain full consciousness and drive you home afterward.

Is Sedation Safe for Children?

portrait of extended familySedation dentistry, especially nitrous oxide, is safe for most children. Our team will discuss the sedation options beforehand to address any concerns and ensure you feel well-informed about your child’s care. We’ll also discuss your child’s medical history to avoid any complications. If you or your child has hypertension, respiratory disease, heart disease, or diabetes, you must let our team know. Our goal is to provide safe and effective care to make you comfortable and relaxed during your dental procedure.

What to Expect After Sedation Treatment

Depending on the sedation used, you may feel slightly tired after your treatment. We’ll closely monitor you until the sedation effects subside before you can go home. Our caring team will give you instructions about the suggested resting period and all necessary medications. This will help you have a successful recovery and stay calm after your care.

Your Trusted Scarborough Sedation Dentist

close up of happy father and sonIf dental anxiety prevents you from getting the dental care you need, the Milner Dental Care team is here to assist you. We provide you with the gentle and compassionate dentistry you need to help eliminate fear or anxiety. Our Scarborough practice is across from Petro-Canada, just 25 minutes from downtown Toronto.

We offer various sedation options that are safe for children and adults. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Vincent Lo, and his team will work with you to choose the best sedation method for you or your child. To learn more about how sedation dentistry can help you have a stress-free and relaxed dental experience, call today and schedule your appointment.


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